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Find Correlations

How does your coffee habit affect your sleep? Is your volume of emails making you more stressed?

Quantid’s suite of visual analysis tools provides insightful representations of your personal evolution, revealing important correlations between your various activities and turbo-charging your progress by fuelling your motivation.

Find Correlations


Quantid is all about community. Share the measurements you’re comfortable sharing. Follow people and let friends follow you. See first-hand how friends are achieving their self-improvement goals and let them comment on your self-tracking activities.

Use Quantid’s chat feature to exchange ideas and recommendations. Track, chat, change, improve… welcome to the world of crowd-sourced lifehacking.


Achieve Your Goals

What are your goals? Whether you’re trying to lose weight and drop body fat, lower your cholesterol, get an extra hours sleep, or bench press 100kgs, nothing beats the power of self-tracking for providing actionable feedback on what’s working for you and how you’re progressing.

Achieve Your Goals

Measure Anything

We’ve designed Quantid to support virtually any personal measurement imaginable: from food, exercise and blood markers, to sleep, mood and habits.

Your measurements can take the form of numerical values, text and sliding scale, or even a photo or audio clip. If you can measure it, Quantid can track it.

Measure Anything



ALL the metrics you track on Quantid are private. You must manually share every metric in order for it to be visible to your Quantid followers.

Import your Excel data

Have you been using Excel for much of your self-tracking? We’ll help you import these files (in csv format) into Quantid with minimal effort.


Tracking your body temperature, medication or mood? Set daily, weekly or monthly smartphone alerts so you never forget to record a measurement.


Are you taking the same medication or supplement regularly? Always have your morning coffee at the same time? Quantid automatically records your measurement, so you don’t have to.

Custom metrics

Quantid supports over 1,000 metrics over several categories. Don’t see the metric you want to track? Then simply create your own customised metrics.


Quantid’s chat feature allows you to interact with other members, exchanging ideas, encouragement and recommendations.


Are you always tracking the same set of blood markers or body size measurements?

Trackers, Devices & Apps

Quantid supports most popular tracking apps and devices, pulling your data from these services so you can store, track and analyse your entire quantified self from one place.


Your individual metrics can be shared with your Quantid friends. Sharing drives motivation and helps our community see what’s working, and what’s not.

Devices & Apps

Quantid is continually adding support for a wide range of devices and trackers

Recommended Devices & Apps