Recommended Devices & Apps

CNS Tap Test

CNS Tap Test logoThe Finger-Tapping Test (FTT), or simply the ‘tap test’, is a tool for measuring cognitive motor dexterity. The CNS Tap Test app is a basic, yet effective iOS application that simply measures how fast you can tap the phone’s screen over a ten second period. The test is effective in identifying cerebral motor dysfunction in patients suffering from cognitive decline. But for those of you who’re healthy, the tap test is a quick and easy tool for tracking your cognitive performance. We recommend performing the test within an hour of waking each morning and using Quantid to track and analyse your measurements. If you notice your numbers starting to trend downwards, it might indicate a level of mental fatigue, possibly resulting from stress or a lack of quality sleep (or both).


mappiness logoWe’re big fans of the mappiness app because it’s one of the most easy to use mood tracking mobile apps. Its simple design gets you to rate your state of Happiness, Relaxation and Alertness at random times throughout the day. Alongside these ratings, mappiness collects a handful of other data points – who you’re with, where you are, what you’re doing – so that over time a profile of the activities and locations that drive a more positive sense of wellbeing can be constructed. Your mappiness data can be configured to automatically sync with Quantid. We recommend setting mappiness  to collect your mood ratings at least twice daily, and using this data within Quantid to track how your mood relates to your other health and fitness metrics.

Moves App

MovesThe nice thing about Moves is that it rolls-up the functions of several different self-tracking products into a single app. Just like popular wearable gadgets and fitness apps, Moves will track your steps, walking, running and cycling activity, and also logs the locations you’ve visited. But the main reason we like Moves is that it requires virtually no intervention from the user – no starting/stopping, syncing or recharging. The app simply runs in the background on your phone, quietly recording your activity and check-ins, building a daily storyline of the places you’ve visited, the steps you’ve taken and calories burnt. You can configure Quantid to sync with your Moves activity data, and find correlations with your other health and fitness datasets.